Dirty Secrets – Vermont edition

 Capitalism, as Adam Smith would have recognized it, is dead – dead – dead.  We now live in a state of “corporatism” – a term coined by Benito Mussolini to describe the perfect collaboration between the state and big business – in other words, fascism.  The dichotomy is glaring – Socialism for the corporate/banking elite, which has received up to seventeen trillion dollars from the Federal Reserve at almost zero interest  – rapacious capitalism for the rest of us. Those of us, myself included, who have managed to find a comfortable niche in which to live, either sucking on the public tit, or living on invested money inherited from parents who were lucky enough to have picked the right stock portfolio, ignore what’s happening at our peril.  Here in Vermont this insidious power of the ‘bottom line’ has poisoned the legislative process.  In the Corruption Risk Index, put out by The Center for State Integrity, Vermont ranks twenty-third with a ‘D+’.  We got an ‘F’ in legislative transparency, ‘F’ in executive transparency, and an ‘F’ for lack of an ethics oversight mechanism.  A vivid example of this rot is the cowering and trembling in the Governor’s office and under the Golden Dome about passing a GMO labeling law, for fear that mighty Monsanto will sue the pants off us. Never mind that genetically modified organisms have not been proven to be absolutely safe in the long run.  Never mind that individuals have the right to know what’s in the food we are ingesting.  Will we chose VERMONT OR MONSANTO?


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