Rogue Nation

That rogue nation is once again implementing a right-wing, neo Nazi take-over of a democratically elected, sovereign government. (neo-Nazi – too harsh? Check out the reported, growing number of anti-semitic incidents among the rioters.)  The sovereign nation is Ukraine – the rogue nation is the U.S.A. through it’s surrogates the European Union.  History points out that we are very, very good at this kind of subversion.  We did it so many times in Central America – Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras – and in South America- Brazil, Chile, and the current attempt in Venezuela – that it’s hard to keep count.

                             Can Americans, with their very short historical memory, remember the coup d’etat by the fascist Greek military junta in April of 1967 achieved with the full blessing of the U.S. State Department.  And earlier in 1953, the CIA overthrow of  the democratically elected Mohamed Mossadegh of Iran and the subsequent installation of our obedient and bloodthirsty puppet – the Shah. All because of our profligate lust for oil.   Of course, it all came back to kick us in the kiester when, in 1979 in reaction to the Shah’s U.S. sponsored barbarity, the Shah was overthrown and the Iranian mullahs came to power, establishing the oppressive theocracy we now have to contend with. The closest analogy I can come up with for U.S. foreign policy is a rabid dog chasing it’s tail.  If you care to read an honest, well-reasoned analysis of the situation in Ukraine  get a hold of Stephen F. Cohen’s article “Distorting Russia – How the Media Misrepresent Putin,Sochi, and Ukraine.” in the March 3, 2014 issue of “The Nation” magazine.


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