US supporting Ukranian Nazis

If you’re at all interested how the U.S. leadership, in cahoots with the jingoist media, lies in it’s teeth and leads us by the nose – in this case about the chaos in Ukraine- watch this presentation by Russian expert Professor Stephen F. Cohen of NYU on Democracy Now.  Once again our appalling ignorance fostered by the powers-that-be may result in another war where innocent people will be slaughtered.  Click here:

The United States of Amnesia, of course, doesn’t remember that Ukrainian Nazi’s by the hundreds of thousands joined the Wermacht as it spearheaded the invasion of The Soviet Union in WWII, slaughtering 800 thousand Jews in it’s wake.  Galicia, the name for Western Ukraine, as part of the ‘Pale of Settlement’ where the Czar allowed Jews to settle, had one of the largest concentration of Jews in Europe.  The present ‘Swaboda Party’ fomenting the insurrection against democratically elected Yanokovich, is in large part, a  fiercely anti-semitic , fascist party.  An intercepted telephone call between the leading American diplomat in Europe and the American ambassador in Kiev, shows clearly that, in a repeat of dim-witted American strong-armed tactics,  we are supporting a coup and aligning American foreign policy with extreme right-wing elements and lunatic-fringers which very well might bite us in the ass. This is the same-old-same-old of American hegemony with it’s long list of tyrants installed and/or supported covertly or blatantly to protect American corporations.  The list is long: Batista in Cuba, Somoza in Ncaragua, Pinochet in Chile, The Military Junta in Brasil, The Military Junta in Greece, Saddam Husein in Iraq, Mubarak in Egypt, Suharto in the Philipines, Noriega in Panama, The Shah in Iran, Diem in Vietnam, The Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, Mobutu in the Congo, DeKlerk in South Africa.

 Yanokovich is, by all accounts, corrupt and incompetent , kind of a Ukrainian George W. Bush, but with democratic elections one year away he could have been deposed by popular vote.  The extortion by the European Union to force Ukraine to agree to an alliance with the West when half the country culturally wants to align with Russia, is surely destructive of social stability.
And no matter what you may think of Vladimir Putin, it’s clear he has a right to be paranoid as he is surrounded by former soviet Republics who have now joined NATO.  Here we have a remarkable example of unadulterated hypocrisy – we  condemn Putin for his anger at what’s happening on his doorstep, with NATO bases in Georgia contiguous to Russia – but the United States government feels no qualms about violating international law by embargoing Cuba which it perceives as a threat.  We must ask which is the rogue state in this scenario?

Al Salzman


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