Republican Cruelty

                              The sheer cruelty of the Republican Party should be abhorrent to any

thoughtful, compassionate human being.  The Party’s attempt to cut 8 billion dollars from food

stamps for poor families and children, is an act of ideological extremism which cares nothing for

the plight of our fellow human beings.  Vermont Republicans, like Randy Brock, should be called upon

to repudiate the egregious actions of the national party if they are not to be rejected by Vermont

                              We Vermonters should be proud of the fact that our state government,

along with New york, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Oregon, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Montana have

done an end run around this vicious legislation with the ‘heat and eat’ program which, in effect,  

rescinds the cuts if the states pay a minimum of $20 in fuel aid to each family.
                              As you would expect, Speaker John Boehner had a hissy fit over the

humane actions of the above states. The New york Times underscored the malignant hypocrisy of the

Republican position by pointing out that if they were so concerned about fiscal responsibility they

would work to eliminate the so-called carried interest tax loophole which allows those poor,

struggling, billionaire hedge fund managers to “mischaracterize their income as capital gains and

which costs the treasury $11 billion a year.”

                            Truthfully, I don’t see how any Vermont Republican can look his or her

constituents in the eye and claim to have the people’s interests at heart if they support a

leadership that is literally taking food out of poor children’s mouths.


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