Denounce the Koch brothers


I signed a petition to Charles and David Koch, Chairman and CEO, and  Executive Vice President, respectively, of Koch Industries which says:

“We, citizens of the United States, denounce you, Charles and David  Koch, for using your vast wealth — more than the combined wealth of  the bottom 40 percent of Americans — to corrupt our democracy. You  are thereby undermining the most precious gift we possess, our  democratic system of government. You deserve to be shamed and  condemned by all Americans. “

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Al Salzman


Official Murder

Hannah Arendt, in her book “Eichmann in  Jerusalem” coined the phrase “the banality of evil” – In this debate on – it is personified in the career CIA lawyer John Rizzo.  I believe Mr. Rizzo agreed to this debate to publicize his book and to make some blood-money.  His guilessness is astonishing as he refuses to comment because he honors the CIA’s  secret classification it”s many criminal acts.

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Russell Brand

An incredible performance of philosopher / comic genius Russell Brand.  An unbelievable sermon, rant, screed, berserk lecture, porno act featuring Gandhi, Che, Malcom X, Jesus, David Cameron, Wittgenstein and Adolph Hitler – with one of the most powerful denunciations  of corporate rot I’ve ever heard.  It ranges from breathtaking intellectual stream-of-consciousness to raunchy bump and grind cock-humor with a feminist twist at a rapid-fire tempo. The energy is inexhaustible. Not for the fainthearted.

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Here in Vermont there’s a big push among the electorate and legislators to mandate

labeling GMOs in food.  Most people seem to support the idea, that is most people except Monsanto and

it’s bought and paid for lobbyists who are employing extortion, the threat of an expensive law suit,

to thwart the public will.  The logic for labeling is irrefutable – after all we label sugar, salt,

fat, carbohydrates and other ingredients we, the public, ingest.  So why not inform the consumer that

the can of beans contains GMOs and allow the freedom of choice?

                         Since we’re on the subject of labeling – there are other products that  

inform the buyer of the conditions and circumstances of their production.  Coffee and chocolate for

instance.  It took a while, but the consumer now has the option to buy Free Trade coffee which, in

theory, gives the small coffee grower a more equitable share of the profits and discourages child

labor.  The same is true of  some chocolate companies who give us the same reassurances – in theory.  

I say in theory because who knows what’s going on since  oversight seems rather slip-shod.

                        In that same vein, the ubiquitous electronic gadgets which now define our

lives – computers, cell phones i-Pads
should be required to indicate if any so-called ‘conflict minerals’ are used in their manufacture.  

These minerals, vital in the production of miniaturized circuit boards, often come from third world

countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda, where bloody battles take

place to control the mines where often those doing the dangerous work are coerced into working for

close to nothing.  These exotic minerals, lithium, dysprosium ,tantalum along with tungsten, tin and

gold mined under these conditions, are in the same category as ‘blood diamonds’ – products of slave-

like conditions.                         

Al Salzman


Yes fuck!   I’ve often contended that the U.S.A. is an adolescent society – one whose collective brain is still operating on the sub-cortical or reptilian level, rather from the more advanced frontal lobes.  Just observe the debates in Congress, they’re on the level of a schoolyard brawl – “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyahnyahnyah!”  Our posturing, saber-rattling foreign policy is more evidence of this destructive immaturity, very much like the mindless bully in the same schoolyard.  Phrases like “drawing a line in the sand” are commonplace in our belligerent rhetoric, taken right out of the false bravery of childhood.  This infuriating childishness  also shows up in our most prestigious newspapers in their refusal to print obscenities that are an integral part of a news story.  Like a ten year old holding his tongue for fear of having his mouth washed out with soap, the New York Times, The Washington Post and too many others, bowdlerize their copy with insulting euphemisms like  “unprintable epithet” or  “language not fit for a family newspaper”  or  “the F word” or “the N word.”  I’m not suggesting arbitrary use of obscenities, but rather, when they are at the core of a story, to expunge them is to distort the truth.  Two examples come immediately to mind:  Victoria Nuland the supervising American diplomat to the European Union, in an intercepted phone conversation with the American ambassador to Ukraine said, “Fuck the E.U!”  But the venerable, no let’s say prissy, New York Times did not report her comment as stated – an obvious violation of the journalist’s creed. A while ago,   Vice President Dick Cheney viciously told Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to “Go fuck yourself!”  The New york Times, fearing the bar of soap, never accurately reported Cheney’s obscenity, thus distorting the historical record.

            In an Op-Ed in today’s Times (March 31, 2014) Click here:, this shameful lack of adult behavior is sharply taken to task. 

Jet Stream

Folks – Since i assume all us northerners are going a little stir-crazy because of the unseasonable cold this late in March, I thought a little information about the probable cause might help focus your dismay. click here for all that you’ve always wanted to know about the Jet Stream and how it affects our weather.

If this doesn’ t ease your frustration I suggest the following: Stand in front of a mirror- Extend your index finger – purse your lips – place your index finger on your protruding lower lip – move your finger rapidly up and down and go bibble-bibble-bibble bibble bibble-bibble-bibble-bibble. Repeat every half-hour until some relief is achieved.

Al Salzman