Yes fuck!   I’ve often contended that the U.S.A. is an adolescent society – one whose collective brain is still operating on the sub-cortical or reptilian level, rather from the more advanced frontal lobes.  Just observe the debates in Congress, they’re on the level of a schoolyard brawl – “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyahnyahnyah!”  Our posturing, saber-rattling foreign policy is more evidence of this destructive immaturity, very much like the mindless bully in the same schoolyard.  Phrases like “drawing a line in the sand” are commonplace in our belligerent rhetoric, taken right out of the false bravery of childhood.  This infuriating childishness  also shows up in our most prestigious newspapers in their refusal to print obscenities that are an integral part of a news story.  Like a ten year old holding his tongue for fear of having his mouth washed out with soap, the New York Times, The Washington Post and too many others, bowdlerize their copy with insulting euphemisms like  “unprintable epithet” or  “language not fit for a family newspaper”  or  “the F word” or “the N word.”  I’m not suggesting arbitrary use of obscenities, but rather, when they are at the core of a story, to expunge them is to distort the truth.  Two examples come immediately to mind:  Victoria Nuland the supervising American diplomat to the European Union, in an intercepted phone conversation with the American ambassador to Ukraine said, “Fuck the E.U!”  But the venerable, no let’s say prissy, New York Times did not report her comment as stated – an obvious violation of the journalist’s creed. A while ago,   Vice President Dick Cheney viciously told Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to “Go fuck yourself!”  The New york Times, fearing the bar of soap, never accurately reported Cheney’s obscenity, thus distorting the historical record.

            In an Op-Ed in today’s Times (March 31, 2014) Click here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/31/opinion/the-case-for-profanity-in-print.html?hp&rref=opinion, this shameful lack of adult behavior is sharply taken to task. 


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