Brain Dropping #2

The human species’ ability to compartmentalize behavior never ceases to astonish.  European outrage at the botched execution, by lethal injection,  in  Oklahoma of Clayton D. Lockett, suffering for forty three minutes before his heart finally stopped, rightly declared capital punishment to be barbaric and reveals the United States to be a morally brutal society.  Certainly, after the millions murdered and poisoned in Vietnam, the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq at the whim of a dimwitted President, the failed conquest of Afghanistan – there can be no doubt of our cruelty.  Javier Garvich, making comment on the Spanish website of El Pais, wrote that “if this happened in Cuba or North Korea, the United Nations would seek international sanctions.” Robert Badinter, a former minister of justice who was instrumental in banning the death penalty in France in 1981, denounced “methods that are even more barbaric than ordinary barbarism.”  But at least Mr. Lockett was convicted of shooting a woman and burying her alive so those seeking biblical retribution have room to argue.  But  where is European outrage, and American outrage for that matter, directed at Barak Obama for executing without trail, or pretense of due process, Anwar Al-Awlaki, an American citizen and his sixteen year old son Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki.  If the callous politicos of Oklahoma are guilty of barbarism, then President Barak Obama, to his shame, must wear the title of “Barbarian-in-Chief.”




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