Brain Dropping #3

Brain Dropping #3  –  Here are some thought experiments that might jar your mind.

                                      1- Imagine that the Nevada dead beat cattle rancher and arch-racist Cliven Bundy was black, and that his
                                           gun-toting militia friends were all black – can you see it in your mind’s eye?  Good!  What is your very first
                                          thought about the possibility of the government Bureau of Land Management backing off from enforcing
                                          the grazing laws and allowing these wingnuts to prevail?

                                      2- Strain yourself a little and imagine Saudi Arabia without any oil – doesn’t have any – never did.  Do you
                                           think, on the day after fifteen Saudis and four others destroyed the World Trade towers, that the only
                                           planes which would be allowed to fly  took Saudis, including members of the Bin Laden family safely out
                                          of the country.

                                      3- With a little more mental exertion, imagine how long New York’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ strategy would have
                                           lasted if it included 5th and Park Avenues, and the Plaza in front of the Metropolitan Opera House.

                                      4- Finally can you imagine that CIA Director John Brennan, on a secret visit to Kiev in Ukraine, did
                                           absolutely nothing to stir up the insurgency against the democratically elected government, and was
                                          there as a tourist to buy vodka?


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