Brain Dropping # 4

What’s going on with this business of political dynasties? – The Cuomo Dynasty, the Clinton Dynasty, the Bush Dynasty. What’s next after President Hillary Clinton – President Chelsea?  And now that Chris Christie has been hoist on his own petard from the George Washington Bridge, a third Bush, Jeb is waiting in the wings to be crowned.  We have to go way back to the Adamses, John and John Quincy for another example.

 It seems that not only is our society being increasingly controlled by inherited wealth (see  Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century”) but now we have the inheritance of power based more on name recognition than any outstanding ability to govern. There’re the Browns of California and the Romneys of Michigan, although admittedly Governor Jerry Brown of California seems to be doing a better job than most.  Is this trend an indication that unconsciously, Americans long for a monarchy, with all it’s resplendent, Disneyesque trappings – tiaras, red sashes, gold epaulettes, bejeweled scepters, just like the Brits?  Wow!

Think of the coronation at the pyrotechnic, half-time show at the SuperBowl with a chorus of hip-hoppers chanting “Long Live The Prez /  hope he does what he sez / We believed in his pitch / He gonna soak the rich / He’ll cut the Wall Street mob / So’s I can have a job /  Now he’s in the door / He’ll do something for the poor!  Maybe it aint “Land Of Hope and Glory” but it has panache.


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