Brain Dropping # 5

Today is the anniversary of the murder of four students at Kent State University of Ohio in 1970 by the          
 National Guard.

 Commentators talk about the ‘tragedy.’  No! It was not a tragedy – it was cold-blooded murder and no one was held accountable.

The original Greek idea of ‘tragedy’ concerned someone in power who unwittingly contributes to his own demise – the so-called ‘fatal flaw.’  Oedipus unknowingly killing his father is the iconic example.  The pusillanimous talking heads of the media use language, like the word ‘tragic’, to disguise moral responsibility by implying that it was an act of the gods or some other vague entity.

Vietnam was not a ‘tragedy’ but the murder of millions on the part of the United States, and to this day no one has been held responsible.

The militarization of municipal police departments with cast-off DOD equipment is a planned extension
of the National Guard’s  murderous attack to keep dissent suppressed as the gross inequities in our society become more egregious.

Obama’s immoral drone murders and assassinations without due process is, again, the consequential extension of “Four Dead in Ohio.”

If we, as citizens of this rogue nation, are going to be galvanized to act against these brutal forces, we must stop using the vocabulary of denial.

Al Salzman  May 4, 2014


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