Brain Dropping #8 

                 I witnessed big doings yesterday, May 8, in Montpelier, Vermont.  Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law the GMO Labeling Act so that Vermonters can have an informed choice as to what to ingest.  We label sugar content, calories, fats etc. etc. so why not ‘test tube food?’  This legislation is historic and can be considered a shot across the bow of the corporate garbage scow.  Without doubt the food-industry-money–grubbers will not go down without a fight.  The American Grocers Association and Monsanto are threatening legal action based on interstate commerce laws and other bullshit, to protect what they see as their right to pollute our gut with frankenfood.  A fundraising website has been created by Vermont to solicit contributions to what is called “The Vermont Food Fight Fund” to help defray the legal costs.  Google it and contribute if you care to, for after all, Vermont’s fight is your fight too.  If Vermont succeeds can the ‘tipping point’ be too far ahead?
                Leaving myself open to a law suit from the phony food industry I will list the companies whose products which are reported to be certified GMO free: Butterworks yogurt – Lakewood Juice – Endangered Species chocolate – Barbara’;s Dorset cereal – Bragg condiments – Eden pasta sauce – Natures Path snacks – Amy’s Kitchen soups – Organic Valley dairy – Trueroots/Lundberg grain -Once Again peanut butter – Soy Boy soy.
                On the other hand, here are the NO-NOs:  Breyers – Ocean Spray – Nestle – General Mills – Heinz – Hunt’s Ragu – Kraft -Jello – Campbell’s – Land O’Lakes – Stovetop Stuffing – Planter’s – Morningstar – Dole.

                And finally, here are companies who were against labeling: Horizon Organic – Knudsen Juices – Dagoba – Kashi – Hain – Muir Glen – Di Boles – Sara Lee – Imagine – Garelick Farms – Smuckers – Boca – Cascadian Farms.

Al Salzman



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