BD # 16

Brain Dropping #16

For years I had the fantasy of putting up a huge billboard across from the New York Times, in view of the newsroom, whose messages would reveal the deceptions and outright lies of the so-called ‘newspaper of record’.  Just the other day a friend sent me a link to a group called CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) which has done just that. Click here to see the billboard: :    Regrettably, the billboard focuses only on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict and does not deal with the NYT distortions of the news from the world-at-large.  

The billboard is four stories high just across from the NYT newsroom, and unless the obedient minions of the press  keep closed curtains on the windows, it would be impossible to ignore what is just beyond their brown noses.  Some of the messages I would like to see so prominently  displayed are as follows:  “The New York Times is in part responsible for the war in Iraq and its subsequent war crimes!” –  “The New York Times is guilty of biased reporting on Venezuela!”  –  “The New York Times is the propaganda sheet of the oligarchs!” – “The New York Times practices censorship by placement in burying stories that don’t conform to official newsspeak, in the back pages below the fold!”  – “The New York Times distorts history by bowdlerizing important news stories by puritanically redacting so-called foul language as in: “”Showing irritation at Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, Vice President Cheney used an epithet unfit to be published in a family newspaper.”   Here’s what really happened: “When Vermont’s Senator Patrick Leahy came over to join a group of Republican Senators on the Senate floor, Vice President Dick Cheney, told him  to “Go fuck yourself!”  –   “The New York Times, time and time again uses subjective editorial language in its hard news stories, without attribution employing phrases like ” a source who asked to remain anonymous.”

Al Salzman


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