Brain Dropping # 17

Kshama Sawant – Kshama Sawant – Kshama Sawant – no that’s not some exotic chant – it’s the name of the out loud, no holds barred, militant Socialist member of the Seattle City Council, the charismatic leader of the $15 an hour minimum wage uprising in that city.  And they won!  Yesterday the Seattle City Council unanimously voted in the $15 minimum wage.   click here to hear Ms. Sawant speak: .   It will be like a breath of fresh air to hear someone who doesn’t hedge, doesn’t hold back, doesn’t do a song and dance as many so-called progressives do.

It isn’t all a bowl of cherries however.  The new minimum wage will be phased in over a three to seven year period – an arrangement that Ms. Sawant fought to avoid.  “How can MacDonalds or Starbucks ask their employees to spend another year in poverty?”  What the Seattle experience underscores is the need for masses of people getting into the streets to force the hand of the incestuous political insiders who seem far removed from the needs of their constituents.


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