BD # 25

Brain Dropping #25

Why have people been even a little taken aback by the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, which allows owners of a family held corporation because of religious beliefs, to deny contraceptive payments under the Affordable Care Act, to employees.  Or that the same Supreme Court allowed sectarian prayers at town board meetings in up-state New York.  These are just two examples of this court’s agenda to modify out of existence what has been one of the  rock-solid foundations of the Constitution – the separation of church and state. I guess the folks who were surprised  were not aware that six of our Supreme Court justices are devout Roman Catholics.  Yes, six of the highest arbiters in the land as to what is right and good and constitutional, believe in an invisible man in the sky who is “omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful but can’t handle money” – and believe that the Pope, ex cathedra, is infallible.  But why should I go on when there’s someone much more eloquent on the subject than I could ever be. 

Click here:

Al Salzman


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