Brain Droppings Explained (#28)

Brain Dropping #28

What’s all this business of Brain Droppings?  Some dear friends have mentioned to me that I’m too preoccupied with gloomy events, and that I should lighten up.  But the Brain Dropping series of commentaries is not merely an attempt to engage a tiny number of  friends in chit chat. it is an attempt to bear witness to the events of the day, to stir up the collective digital nervous system, to make use of the electronic spinal chord, to spread the news in a way that the corporate media will not.  It is also my way of crystalizing my thinking about contentious issues.  This is not child’s play.  What’s happening all around us – from the proto-fascist surveillance state to the looming ecological crisis will only metastasize  without the intervention of well-informed insurgents.  Tucked safely away, here in the serene woods of Franklin County, Vermont, I feel that the least I can do is to make myself aware of goings on  ‘out there,’ rather than being led by the nose by the fraudulent media.  I’m inspired to do this, in my small way, by many exemplars of the truth:
Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Andrew Bacevich, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald and many others. Compared to their sacrifices, it’s not much, but it is the very least I can do.   And to those happy-go-lucky friends who view all this as an intrusion – there’s always the delete button – no offense taken!

Al Salzman


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