BD # 35 – Wadjda

Brain Dropping #35    

     Just watched a movie both endearing and terrifying about a little Saudi girl who wants to buy a bike, which is of course 

forbidden, for the fear that the bicycle seat would ruin her virginity.  The movie is called “Wadjda” the name of the girl.  I can’t for the life of me see how it could have been actually made in Saudi Arabia because of how it honestly portrays the oppression of women, and what’s worse, the indoctrination of pre-pubertal girls via the Koran to accept a life of literal slavery to men.  The young girl who plays Wadjda is, there’s no other term for it, magnificent.  This is the misogynistic, medieval mind of Islam at work.  It should shame us all, as supposedly ‘Enlightened Westerners’ with a modicum of reason, that we curry favor with the despicable Saud family for the sake of our gas guzzling culture.

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