Connect the dots, muthafucka!

Brain Dropping #40

                                         Obscenity  Alert: Contains Unpardonably ‘Filthy’ Language
                                                          For Literary Emphasis.  No Intent To Stir 
                                                          Up Prurient Urges. Ad Hominem Attacks.

         Connect the dots muthafucka!   Dot number One:  Ferguson Missouri! – Dot Number Two:  Small town, mostly white police forces, militarized, by donated DOD weaponry! –  Dot Number Three:  The murder of Michael Brown! –  Dot Number Four:  The obscene disparity in wealth! –  Dot Number Five: The callous neglect of the poor and people of color by the oligarchs, led by Obama!  –  Dot Number Six:  The growing uneasiness of the one percent as the inevitable groundswell of social discontent begins to grow!  –  Dot Number Seven: The gnawing fear among  billionaires that their lies are being exposed and the underclass might rise up!  –  Dot Number Eight:  The brutal expulsion of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park!  –  Dot Number Nine:  Gestapo-like ‘Stop and Frisk’ put in place by the plutocratic prick, Mayor Miichael Bloomberg of New York! –  Dot Number Ten:  The nation-wide, de-facto resegregation of schools.  –  Dot Number eleven:  The closing of inner city schools and the firing of teachers engineered by Obama’s pals Rahm Emanuel and clueless Education Secretary Arne Duncan! –  Dot Number Twelve:  One-fifth of America’s children living in poverty! –  Dot Number Thirteen:  Institutionalized callousness regarding human life, as exemplified by Obama’s ‘kill list’ and drone murders of American Citizens and innocent families, and his policy of deportation of Central American children escaping the horrors that  American policy put in place!  –  Dot Number Fourteen:  War crimes and  extensive violations of international law, modeling authoritarian lawlessness for domestic police departments! –  Dot Number Fifteen: The unconstitutional violation of privacy and mass surveillance, recalling the Stasi of East Germany! – Dot Number Sixteen:  The persecution of whistle blowing truth-tellers with the courage to confront the bureaucratic liars.
         If you believe that these events happen in isolation and are not symptoms of a systemic condition, then you may be alarmed that by drawing a line through the dots, the resulting image is suggestive of the infamous ‘hakenkreuz’.
          Or, perhaps it’s just a figment of my warped imagination.  I truly hope so!

Al Salzman

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