I Can’t Wait! … A Few Words On “Instant Gratification”

Brain Dropping #44

      Why did the situation in Libya remind me of the fast food industry?  Vijay Prashad on Democracy Now (Wed. Aug. 27,  http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2014/8/25/libya_in_chaos_vijay_prashad_)  gives a remarkable account of the utter chaos in that country caused by U.S. and NATO intervention.  I found it just about impossible to follow his description of all the opposing militias, each from another city in, as he terms it,” the archipelago of urban areas surrounded by a sea of desert.”   Since Gaddafi’s death these disparate groups, some secular others Islamist, have been at each others throats.  Mr. Prashad asserts that if given enough time the Gaddafi regime would have been overthrown by native insurgent forces without the wanton destruction by U.S. and NATO forces, leading to the total collapse of social order.
     Just like the rush to “Shock and Awe” in Iraq, by the viciously wrong-headed  crusaders in Washington, the need to achieve our dubious and illegal goals in Libya preempted all rational thought, and once again led us to act precipitously leading to the present bloody jockeying for power by militias of all stripes in Libya, and the continuing sectarian slaughter in Iraq.
     Oh yes, the fast food connection.  In the same way we Americans have little patience at the MacDonald’ s counter, the supermarket checkout lane or on the crowded highway expressed in the form of “road rage”, like the infant, we demand instant gratification of our needs, the instant resolution of international problems via the bombing raid.  Why tolerate the tedious process of diplomacy when we have the capacity to bomb the hell out of people.  We’re very, very good at that.

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