Liberal Wolves Roll Over – Free Shows Daily !

Brain Dropping #58

       Dancing with wolves.  Rather than sheep, I see parallels between the American liberal and the behavior of wolves.  Among wolves, in the struggle for dominance, the submissive wolf rolls over on its back exposing its throat to the Alpha wolf.  In this feral metaphor, the submissive wolf is the American liberal who, with conforming docility, rolls over and allows him or herself to be fooled again and again by the monied class and their interlocutor, the corporate media.  Too many well-meaning members of the liberal intelligentsia are content to run with the pack, following the-leader.  They have good reason to do so since they are comfortably well off and fear that they may lose their privileged  place in the scheme of things.  They often are well aware of the gross inequities suffered by the working-class and those in abject poverty.  They assuage their unease by contributing generously to campaigns to help the homeless and the hungry here and abroad.  The tithe they pay to the world’s victims gives them reassurance and allows them to believe that they have not lost their humanity.  Their well publicized NGO foundations host events where celebrities sing their praises.
     But, in the general scheme of things, the leaders of the pack fervently want to retain the status quo.  After all it may too much to ask them to join the march against the very privileges and comforts they enjoy.  Other than making charitable contributions to good causes they stand-by placidly watching the passing protests.  They join groups with all the right slogans about economic justice.
 At their gatherings they talk about reform and more stringent regulations to rein in the Wall Street mafia and other kleptomaniacs.  They talk about the democratic process and getting out the vote.  They see a third party candidacy as a betrayal, click their tongues at radical solutions and put their faith in multi-colored mountebanks.  They have convinced themselves that the “Great Recession” is a passing anomaly and that the big banks have been properly chastened. Their most pernicious, and at the same time pathetic delusion is that, wreck after wreck, capitalism is somehow salvageable. 

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