Good Riddance Eric Holder

Brain Dropping #59

       The “Spinmeisters!”   Eric Holder announced his retirement and the spinmeisters are busily at work gold-leafing his flunky malfeasance on behalf of Wall Street.  And most distressing, they are playing the race card.  The NAACP has called him the “greatest Attorney General in history!”  WOW!  Michael Eric Dyson in this clip proves himself to be a maestro of selective memory as he ignores Holder’s complicity in the legal impunity bestowed upon the finance crooks whose gangsterism caused irreparable damage to poor people of color – damage as horrendous as any Jim Crow policy.
      Dyson and the NAACP, to their shame, ignore Holder’s role as Obama’s Centurion, zealously pursuing patriotic whistle blowers for revealing criminal activity in the CIA /NSA network trampling on our civil rights. Holder’s Justice Department, in contrast to their laxity in pursuing money-laundering bankers, went out of  their way trying to destroy the truth-tellers. A campaign to persecute whistle-blowers far more viciously tenacious than anything George W. Bush had done.  The Attorney General’s torturous justifications for the murder of American citizens based purely on a ‘fatwa’ issued by the Obama White House is reason enough for impeachment.  Holder’s cowardice echoes the same ignoble character flaw of his Commander-in Chief who Cornell West bitterly called: “….a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.  And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it!”
       I’ll take bets that Eric Holder will push through the revolving door for a job in one of the executive suites on Wall Street or a corner office in Corporate America.

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