Obama drones on and on and…makes me sick

Brain Dropping #62

     Predatory Drones are no joke!  Farea Al Muslimi, a young Yemeni man who  was an exchange student in the U.S., testified before a Congressional committee about the effect of a drone attack on his village in Yemen.  Before the attack his positive experiences in the U.S. – he testified that he loved America- had convinced his fellow villagers that the United States was a force for good in the world.  After the attack had killed several people their attitude was one of fearing American terror from the skies.   Zubair Rehman, a thirteen year old Pakistani boy, whose grandmother was killed by a drone, said he fears bright sunny days when our drones are aloft, and now only goes out when there is cloud cover.
     The reckless inhumanity of those in the U.S., who see no moral problem with generalized death from the skies, often with no precise information for targeting, was on display by our Nobel-Peace-Prize winning President in a repulsive example of insensitivity.  President Obama, or as I have dubbed him – Obomba- in a speech before some group, said this: ” The Jonas Brothers are here, somewhere out there.  Malia and Sashia are huge fans. But boys don’t get any ideas.  I have two words for you – predator drones! You never see it coming!”  Yuk, Yuk, Yuk unto vomiting.  To me this remark reveals a man who not only has lost his moral compass but revels in it.
     If you have the stomach for more, Google: John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” on drones.

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