Ack! A Whistleblower!

Brain Dropping #68

     Apology and Addendum.   In my last Brain Dropping I listed some of the whistle blowers who deserve our deepest admiration and gratitude for risking their freedom, their jobs and their lives to keep our civil liberties from being trampled under the iron heel of insane leaders and their henchmen.  I want to add two more, William Binney, a career officer at the NSA who became aware of the illegal data mining of that agency in 2004, in violation of the Constitution, and resigned rather than play the dirty game.   And Diane Roark, who attempted to bring what was going on to the attention of members of Congress but was rebuffed by the Chairpersons of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Her house was raided and she and her family were physically threatened by the Red, White and Blue Gestapo. (FBI, CIA, NSA). 
    If you still believe that calling the Bush/Obama cabal insane is a bit much please listen to the account of NYT  investigative reporter James Risen in this interview.  Mr. Risen was first subpoenaed by the Bush administration and hoped that when Obama was elected he would honor his pre-election promise for greater transparency and freedom of the press – he lied ,of course!  He even raised the stakes against those patriots who blow the whistle and the reporters who expose the kleptomaniacs in Congress and those who exploit the ‘war-on-terror’ to fill their pockets.  Mr. Risen faces jail time from the Obama administration for not revealing his sources in exposing the corruption and downright madness in the ‘war on terror’.  He asserts that President Barak Obomber will go down in history as “The greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.  A major part of his legacy will be trying to erode press freedom.”  click here to document how close we’ve moved toward the Stasi of East Germany, or the Nazi suppression of civil liberties for that matter. 

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