You gotta read !

Brain Dropping #69

     Book Review.   Two books have gripped my interest this past week,  Glenn Greenwald’s “No Place To Hide”- a page-turning account of the events leading up to Edward Snowden’s revelations about the illegal practices of the NSA in gathering metadata on American citizens, and the consequent  repercussions for press freedom in the U.S.  The shameless dishonesty of the so-called main-stream media – no! strike that – the craven corporate media, will make you weep with indignation.  Greenwald’s narrative strongly confirms the ass-licking compliance  of guys like David Gregory of “Meet The Press”, Bob Shieffer of “Face The Nation” and Bill Keller of the New York Times to the dictates of oppressive power.  Seymour Hersh, the great investigative journalist who exposed the My Lai massacre and Abu Ghraib put it this way:  “The administration lies systematically yet none of the leviathans of American media pose a challenge.  Chickenshit editors and journalists are ruining the profession.”
  President Obomber’s maniacal crusade against press freedom, aided and abetted by his spineless Attorney General Eric Holder reveals the pernicious liar that he is. (Remember his campaign promise to make his administration the most transparent in the history of the country?  Find it by googling – it will make you cringe from the audacity of his mendacity.)  The shocking conformity of our representatives in Congress in rationalizing NSA’s unconstitutional crimes points up the depravity of people holding pitifully onto their power.  Senator Diane Feinstein of California chides Americans for being so protective of their privacy.  But when asked by a skeptical reporter for her personal information- her credit card number, her cell phone number, her pin number Ms.. Feinstein ran quickly in the other direction.
     The other book deals with another form of malfeasance and greed – “The Untold Story Of Milk” by Ron 
 Schmid.  At the root of it is an argument on behalf of the nutritive value of unpasteurized or raw milk and meat from organically raised, grass fed animals – how industrialized agriculture has adversely affected our health.   In the pasteurization of milk and the processing of other industrialized foods, enzymes critical to the absorption of nutrients are destroyed. The potency of these enzymes has been scientifically established, and in years past raw milk was used therapeutically in the treatment of diseases.   It is more than a sales pitch, it is an anthropological journey over millennia about the inextricable relationship between civilizations and the domesticated milk-giving cow and the alchemy which occurs when the ruminant grazes on lush, rich grass.  From the Inuit of the Arctic, the invading Mongols, to the Masai of East Africa, the story reads like A Paul Theroux travel adventure.
     We are in the midst of a nutritional famine because of food we eat grown in soil made dead by herbicides and insecticides. The price we pay as a society is measured by the explosion of critical health issues from childhood to the grave.   This is a book which can rightly be called “life changing.” 

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