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Brain Dropping #72

        Synecdoche.  Definition:  Where a part stands for the whole as in “the arm of the law.”
        Metaphor.       Definition: A figure of speech which is the same as  another unrelated subject.
        THE BODY POLITIC.    “Doctor, we the people who live and work within The Body Politic and depend on it for a life of decency and well-being, are alarmed at how morose and sickly it has become.  It is sullen, secretive and masochistic, inflicting bodily harm on it’s own person.   We ask you to undertake a thorough physical and mental examination.  We will await your diagnosis.”
                     ” Well, good people, after exhaustive testing and examination of The Body Politic, I will share my findings with you. The salient symptoms are indeed alarming!  To begin with – hardening of the arteries causing serious blockages of the flow of information, lesions on the brain causing delusions of grandeur, severe myopia  complicated by tunnel-vision,  self-inflicted cuts on vital body parts, swelling of the tongue making speech almost incomprehensible, accompanied by foul breath from ingesting dead food and pathogen infected water.  In the psychological area we found recurring outbursts of paranoia manifesting in turbulent violence against others and fantasies of threat and danger. And most alarming, lashing out at poor children who are seen as dispensable.
                     “If you look at these X-Rays and Magnetic Resonance Images, you can see the deterioration of  the frontal lobes, the seat of rational thinking, cognition and principles of right and wrong.  We tested synaptic activity and found a serious impairment which incapacitates the ability to make logical decisions and to act  upon them.  The subject was found to have a morbid pre-occupation with being exceptional, accommodating even the most ludicrous points of view to prove superiority.  The resulting cognitive dissonance often causes a semi-comatose state which is difficult to penetrate.  We have discovered that loud alarming noises and shouts of imminent harm leading to war, particularly against brown people, can have a therapeutic effect.. But, in this hyper-alert state The Body Politic is often driven to barbaric acts,and a strait-jacket and a padded room are called for to avoid injury.  I fear all this hatefulness and combative behavior may drive the psyche of The Body Politic into a state of  irretrievable insanity.  To be honest, the prognosis for  is troublesome in the extreme! “

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