The Nation – A Fat Kid With No Confidence

Brian Dropping #82

      I’m a long time reader of “The Nation” magazine.  It has a distinguished history, going back to the post Civil War years, defending Civil Liberties with just a few instances of back-sliding.  “The Nation”, it could be said, was the successor to Frederick Douglas’ “The Liberator” in its cries for social justice for America’s blacks.  On the other hand, over the years, I have often been frustrated by too great a degree of caution if not “wishy-washiness” in its pages.  Below is a Letter To The Editor of “The Nation” I just sent off.

To The Editor –    Remember, when you were a kid on a see-saw and were held up in the air by a heavier friend, and you waited for him to shift his weight toward the fulcrum to let you down easy rather than having him jump off slamming you down?  Well, that’s the way I feel when reading “The Nation.”  Your political analyses are mostly right on, as far as they go, but they leave me stuck up in the air waiting for you to shift your point-of-view courageously to the left and once and for all condemn a system which has proven to be a disaster for hardworking, ordinary folk.   Yes, I’m talking about an advocacy for “true social democracy” rather than calling for  mitigative, unworkable reform so easily corrupted by the oligarchs. (see Gramm,Leach, Bliley.)  The hand-wringing appeals to “Obomber” (Not a misprint.) to do the right thing by Ms. vanden Heuvel make me wince with embarrassment for that fine woman.

                Your excellent interview with Edward Snowden in the Nov. 17th issue ended with Snowden saying: “I’m not a communist, a socialist or a radical.”  I would have asked: “Why not?”

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