Unraveling in Ferguson

Brain Dropping #94

         The Moral Tapestry.
 All us Philosophy 101 students know about “The Philosopher King” who Plato designated to rule over ancient Athens.  His leadership would model the  norms of behavior, to be followed by the common folk.  Under the wise guidance of this benign leader a semblance of social order would prevail.  Each strand of social interaction would be woven into the weft and warp of society’s tapestry.  To unwind one strand would be to fray and unravel the fabric of daily life.
          Now, in Twenty First Century America we see dramatic evidence of this unraveling.  As a matter of fact  the Nobel Laureate in economics, Paul Krugman wrote a book titled “The Great Unraveling.”  Of course, we are not led by a mythic “Philosopher King.”  We are led by dangerously flawed leaders who appear to be trapped in a system which perversely rewards hubris – overweening pride and arrogant actions.  “You are either with us or against us!” as we wage preemptive war to protect the ’empire’.
           To use an idea of Emanuel Kant, we should ask: “What behavior is our leadership modeling and what would be the consequences if these actions were elevated to universal precepts?”  I’m talking about the Bush / Obama policies of torture, assassinations, murder-by-drone, the lies about collateral damage to divert us plebes from the reality of murdering innocent women, children and men; The premeditation of Obama’s “Kill List” in violation of Western morality and international law.
          So, what other parts of the tapestry are being shredded by the followers of these corrupt leaders?  Since Obama and his cronies see no problem in annihilating people of color in foreign lands without evidence of wrongdoing, why should local police departments hesitate to do the same?
  Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki, the innocent, sixteen year old son of Anwar Al-Awlaki, blown to smithereens by a drone in Yemen, could very well have been Michael Brown, or Tamir Rice, or Laquan McDonald, or Dillon McGee, or Roshad McIntosh, or Diana Showman.  Blacks are four-and-a-half  times more likely to be gunned down than whites in our city streets. 
          The members of the Grand Jury in Ferguson were merely following the behavior practiced by their esteemed leaders.  The tapestry continues to unravel!

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