The Pecking Order – It Means Death to those on the Bottom

Brain Dropping #101

            You can always count on the intellectual community to provide the  fire-power to justify  disasterous  governmental policies.  The list of such sell-outs would fill page after page starting with Dinesh D’Souza, the darling of the lunatic right, William Kristal, Paul Wolfawitz and the rest of the neo-con schmucks – followed by all those Chicago School economists in thrall to Milton Friedman who in turn tipped his hat to the “Queen of Greed is Good”, Ayn Rand.  In Latin America, Friedman acolytes, like preposterous Alan Greenspan, were known for backing the Chilean butcher Augusto Pinochet and other dictators.  No where in our recent history have academic camp-followers been more prominent than those who, with elegant deception, justified the American slaughter in Vietnam.  They are exposed for the arrogant brown-nosers they were in David Halberstam’s “The Best And The Brightest.” – Robert MacNamera, Henry Kissinger, Mc George Bundy  etc. etc.  Those academics waded in shit to further their careers, but always seemed to come up smelling like a rose.
           As the United States seems to be moving irreversibly toward corporate oligarchy, the urgent need for an intellectual rational is filled by the resurrected Herbert Spencer, the 19th century social philosopher who coined the phrase “Social Darwinism” or more commonly known, “The Survival of the Fittest!”  Spencers’ impassioned belief in “Laissez Faire” winner-take-all economics would fit in very neatly in a corner office at Goldman Sachs.  Today, in 21st century America, the growing unconscionable inequality, not yet nearly as bad as the industrial squalor of that past era but gaining, demands a revival of Spencers’ apologetics for a system gone mad.
          His belief that it was possible to distinguish between superior and inferior elements in society would find eager acceptance by Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and smirky Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman.  The evidence of their superiority is crystal clear – committing crime after crime and getting away with it – being paid huge bonuses, and exposing the U.S. Department of Justice as a docile, castrated pussy cat.  Spencers’ followers believed, for the sake of the human race, the unfit-the inferior folk, had to be eliminated. The program for achieving this was called “Eugenics.” requiring the forced sterilization of those deemed unworthy.
         If the image of a swastika just flashed before your eyes -forget it!  A more appropriate image would be the Stars and Stripes.  Adolph Hitler was actually inspired by programs initiated in the U.S. to launch his depraved eugenics program for the development of a master race. These programs in the U.S.A., began in the 19th century are still practiced today.  Between 2006 and 2010 150 women in California prisons were sterilized without state approval.  In 1897 the state of Michigan narrowly defeated a eugenics proposal, but in 1907 Indiana was the first state to pass one.  North Carolina operated a sterilization program from 1933 to 1977 giving Social Workers the power to designate candidates for sterilization.  I would love to see the racial breakdown of this program.  Is it too far-fetched to harbor the almost unthinkable idea that the recent murders of young black men by  white cops is a spontaneous form of eugenic elimination of perceived undesirables?

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