Where’s Obama? Where’s Holder? Where’s Waldo?

Brain Dropping #102


                  The question uppermost in my mind in the midst of these mindless, deadly assaults on young black men is:  “Where’s Obama?  Where’s Holder?  Just like Waldo they are hiding in the crowd.  Yes! Yes, I know they’ve made their official statements of concern couched in tepid language of regret – but where’s their rage, where’s their moral repugnance stated with unflinching anger.  “No drama Obama”, throughout his administration has seemed to be walking on eggs, bending backward to conciliate with the irreconcilable mugwumps on Capitol Hill. We all have witnessed his spineless performance and his brazen lies and betrayals of his campaign promises.  Torture, Guantanamo, enabling Wall Street crime, Drones by the dozens, more troops to the quagmire of Iraq, a healthcare law that is a gift to insurance companies and price gouging hospitals. The man is a walking Pandora’s Box of bad decisions with the winged figure of HOPE still quaking with fear in one corner.  All the potential for significant change from a black man in the oval office has been thrown under the bus by, as an old acquaintance of Obama’s once stated, “a vacuous opportunist!”
                  But it’s difficult to forgive myself for my naivete, for my reverse racism – thinking that a man of color, aware of the history of the tortured black man and woman in racist America, would be a paragon of virtue and compassion rather than a compliant, ordinary political hack at the command of the Wall Street oligarchs and the elite owners of America. 
                         It is definitely MY BAD!!!

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