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Brain Dropping #106

      Whitey doesn’t get it!  A group of NBA players, including LeBron James, brought the protest against the murder of Eric Garner to the basketball arena.  In attendance were Prince William and the Duchess of check-out-counter-magazine fame.  The players, most of them black, wore warm-up T-shirts with “I CAN’T BREATHE”  in bold letters to register their anger at the death of Eric Garner and the subsequent exoneration of his murderer  The protests against open-season on the murder of young black men by cops has spread like wildfire, and it is my hope that it’s “blowing in the wind” to become a conflagration which the soothing words of our complicit leaders cannot extinguish.
      It’s no great surprise that the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, just doesn’t get it.  He called on the players to respect the league’s endorsement deals and only wear warm-up attire made by sponsor Adidas, no doubt emblazoned with the corporate logo.  My mentor, George Carlin appropriately called logos “Corporate Feces”, like dog shit on the sidewalk.  They are smeared odiferously on almost everything in our daily lives – from t-shirts to automobiles to football, basketball and baseball stadia, and like the sticky dog shit on the soles of your shoes, it is difficult to scrape them away.
      Adam Silver of the NBA is paid big bucks to use these superb athletes as billboards for these money-making turds, as are the athletes themselves – but at least LeBron and his friends have the sensibility to stop for a short time,  to honor a victim of a homicide by cops.  Mr. Silver only understands that you don’t jeopardize the support of a cash-cow by doing something honorable.
     This incident also gives us much needed insight as to the degree to which we have become a culture of a corporate priesthood making blood sacrifices at the altar of the “bottom line.”  Taking Mr. Silver’s concern and running with it, I can see a situation where the display of corporate logos might very well serve a constructive function – not on the athletic field – but in the Congress.  Picture a time when, like NASCAR drivers, the members of Congress would be required to wear on their suit jackets, the logos of all their corporate campaign contributors, so that when they rise to support legislation it will be apparent who is pulling the strings and who has bought their vote. 

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