Shitty Choices

Talking about “SHITTY CHOICES” (see my previous post)  there’s Hillary Clinton hoping to start yet another dynasty to rule the Oval Office.  I perceive her as a woman hell-bent to prove that she can be as corrupted by power as any man, particularly her priapic husband, he of the unconscionable ‘willie.’  Shittier yet, waiting in the wings is Jeb Bush, already part of a dynastic clan.  The late comic philosopher, Robin Williams warned: “You gotta be wary of a family whose smart son is named Jeb!”
I’m not naive enough to believe that Bernie would win, but he could certainly stir the pot and upgrade the debate, especially if he ran in the Democratic primary against Hillary and her Wall Street handlers.   Bernie having so prominent a soapbox, could bring vital insights to a public bamboozled by the bullshit promulgated by the corporate media, media which turns them against their own best interests by  instigating cultural divisions.


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