Some sanity on Cuba ?

Brain Dropping #111

President Obama, declaring that he intends to open full diplomatic relations with Cuba, may be the beginning of the end of the dumbing down of America where Latin America is concerned.
The pernicious, illegal embargo, in violation of the U.N. Charter, will remain in place until the legislation creating the embargo is rescinded by the Congress – and that could be a long wait as the make-up of the two houses has become even more jingoistic and oblivious to what is happening in the world.
As for following international law, the United States has become a pariah – a rogue state – a power-drunken maniac throwing its weight around and becoming increasingly isolated in the world community.
For instance: The UN recently voted for the 22nd time to end the Cuban embargo and to rescind the Helms/Burton Act making it illegal in American law for a third country to trade with Cuba – a distinct violation of international law and the rights of sovereign states.  Israel, in an elegant kowtow as a client state, was the only other country to support the U.S. position. The law’s stupidity reflects its two authors – Senator Jesse Helms, was that unreconstructed racist conservative from North Carolina who opposed any Federal involvement in the Civil Rights struggle.  Rep. Dan Burton pursued Clinton for his immorality in the sordid Monica Lewinsky escapade when he himself had fathered a child out of wedlock.
The arrogant unilateralism of the U.S. shows up time and time again to the anger and dismay of the civilized world –  not only in Afghanistan and Iraq – but in being one of the only three countries not to ratify the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The other two being Somalia and South Sudan which are on the verge of ratification, leaving the U.S. as the sole hold-out.  One of the brain-dead legislators explained his position as the concern that the Convention will disallow American parents from spanking their children.  And we are among the pathetic few sovereign states not to recognize the International Court of Justice (The World Court) – and for good reasons, since we are guilty of torture and war crimes.
President Obama’s actions deserve credit as an indication that he recognizes that progressive forces are emerging in Latin America which are fighting to correct, in the words of Eduardo Galeano, “five hundred years of the pillaging of a continent!”  New trading agreements among those countries, like Mercosur (Common Market) – Andean Pact  – Latin American Integration Assoc. – CELAC (Community of Latin American & Caribbean States including Cuba) – the growing insistence of OAS members (Organization of American States) that Cuba must be included, could leave the U.S. out in the cold.  Perhaps Obama is wise enough to know that the era of ‘Gringo’ dominance  south of the border is coming to a close, and that our traditional “backyard” is no longer under the imperialist yoke.


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