I choose “None of the above”, thanks…

Brain Dropping #132

       It’s Official.  We are no longer a Democratic Republic!  We are truly an Oligarchy! – at least according to a study by two professors at Princeton University – Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page.  Based on data drawn from over 1,800 policy initiatives between 1982 – 2002, rich, well connected individuals got the legislation they wanted passed against the will of the majority of voters.  For example:  77% of the electorate polled wanted a public option in health care, but the medical and insurance honchos prevailed and the Public Option never saw the light of day.  The American public was left with the flawed, gordian knot of the Affordable Care Act – with no cost-caps  and tens of thousands left uninsured.
      Here’s Martin Gilens one of the authors of the study: 
                          “………contrary to what decades of political science research might lead you to believe,
                          ordinary citizens have virtually no influence over what their government does in the United 
                          States.  Economic elites and interest groups, especially those representing business, have
                          a substantial degree of influence.  Government policy-making over the last few decades
                          reflects the preferences of economic elites.  Voters are not effective at holding politicians 
                          accountable for policies they adopt.  Voters have limited choices. Is there no way back to a
                          to a more democratic society?  The Age of the Robber Barons stoked the Progressive era.
                          Perhaps it takes a Great Depression.”
      I do believe most of us, who haven’t buried our heads in the sand, already knew that ” We-The-People” are not only getting the short-end-of-the-stick, but most of us are not even getting the stick.  We’re given candidates, most of whom are shitty choices.  These blah-blah politicians live cozily in the pockets of the money-men who have been given the green light by Citizen’s United and McCutcheon, to bribe and suborn ethically challenged mediocrities to whom lying is an art form. (I think of Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont.)  If you’ve been keeping score, Barak Obama has violated about 80% of his election promises, and few people seem to notice.
      And these pusillanimous putzes have presided over a corrupt governing clique which has seen the plunge into poverty of 50% of America’s school children, according to Global Research.  
      If this is oing to continue to 2016, let’s start a national movement to write in “None-of-the-above” the next time we play the rigged voting game. “Then what?”,  you ask? Get in touch – I have some ideas…

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