Let’s march and chant and Love those haters!

Brain Dropping #135

         Charlie Hebdo.  Scandalous! Outrageous! Obscene! Blasphemous! Insensitive! Anti-Semitic! Islamophobic!  Anti-Catholic! Misogynistic! Homophobic!  Yes,yes, yes!  So what?  Outlaw ’em!  Jail ’em!  Suppress them!  Censor them!  Kill ’em!  But then: Commie! Lefty! Pinko!  Pervert! Socialist! Aetheist! Revolutionary!  Whistleblower! Abortion advocate! Civil Rights protester! Anti-war demonstrator!  And down we go on the slippery slope toward the death of free speech. 
        In 1977, American Nazis wanted to march peacefully in Skokie, Illinois but a permit was denied them. The ACLU defended their right to march as a matter of a First Amendment right.  The ACLU lost thousands of members because of this principled decision.  The ACLU did this because they knew very well once a society makes a concession to the squelching of free speech, no matter how obnoxious, it is a step toward totalitarianism.  Without ironclad protections for speech, the powers-that-be will begin the nefarious process of declaring any opposition as a form of treason. “You’re either with us or against us!”
       Our history is rife with examples of just such a tamping down of free expression from the Alien and Sedition Act signed into law by President John Adams, the suspension of Habeus Corpus by Abraham Lincoln, the Palmer Raids against anti-war radicals, 1919 -1920,  the Espionage Act of 1917, McCarthyism,
the Black List,  Obama”s relentless attack against whistleblowers – ad nauseum! 
      Going further back in history the suppression, torture and murder of those who preached against religious orthodoxy.
      It is difficult to listen to  the Kike haters, the Fag haters, the Commie haters, the Raghead haters, the Chink haters, the Wop haters, the Frog haters, the Lesbo haters, the Nigger haters, the Gook haters, the Jap haters, the Bohunk haters, the Pollack haters,the Limey haters, the Mick haters without wanting to smash them in the face, or at least force them to shut up – but that will inevitably lead to the bully-boys patrolling the streets in the name of hide-bound morality and political correctness. 
      The only rational way of countering hateful speech is with more speech and mass protests.

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