Obama’s Forked Tongue

Brain Dropping #136

        Speaking With Forked Tongue.  When I was a kid listening to The Lone Ranger on our Emerson radio, I was always amused when Tonto said: “The white man speaks with forked tongue!”  Now, we have a black man speaking with forked tongue – President Barak Obama in his phony State of the Union speech.  Let’s for a moment overlook the outlandish assertion that “The State of the Union is strong!” (Yes, it is for the money-grubbers at the top!)  What appalled me, and it seems Obama appalls me every time he opens his mouth, were his grandiose proposals to “level the playing field” by a miniscule financial transaction tax on Wall Street wheelng-and-dealing, and the idea of free Community Colleges so that the poor could do some boot-strap lifting.
       It is true that these are two great ideas to begin with, to close the appalling (there’s that word again) wealth gap in our oligarchy, but it’s too-little-too-late and the Prez knows it.  These two overdue proposals could have had a bit better chance than a snowball in hell if he had the guts to make them when he first came into office six miserable years ago, when the Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress.  Even the NYT, which never met a politician it didn’t kowtow to, was incredulous. ” The question at the end of the evening boiled down to whether advancing initiatives with little or no hope of passage constituted an act of bold leadership or a feckless waste of time.”
      Then why do it?  C’mon – think, you know why – to pave the way for Hillary in 2016!  This was Obama at his Stepin’ Fetchit best, carrying water for the Democrats.  This was the “politics of hope” at its most cynical.  Give the poor bastards a mirage to pin their hopes on in the next election, and maybe, just maybe they’ll fall for the same old flim-flam yet once again.  And maybe the honchos are right!  Maybe the United States of Amnesia will prevail.

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