Good Manners , Bad Manners

Brain Dropping #137

         I find It amusing that slacker politicians and legislators always talk about etiquette and good manners whenever protesters interrupt their asinine and self-serving rituals, like Governor Shumlin’s speech under the tarnished ‘Golden Dome’ in Montpelier, Vermont.  I’m using the word tarnished in its moral sense, since the people’s representatives, except for too few, have ignored the needs of the ordinary folks who helped send them there.  How dare the working people of Vermont, whose lives have been disrupted by cruel cuts in social services, disrupt the political jawboning at the State House!   The Governor and his minions sitting comfortably in their upholstered seats or spooning soup in the cafeteria, have done little or nothing for the thousands of Vermonters in need.  Indeed, the Governor and his cohorts are considering worsening that need by further cut-backs in social services – fuel assistance and mental health for children. And they perseverate (Look it up – I did.) and procrastinate and postpone with pusillanimous posturing (Ahh! Alliteration.) to avoid a fairer tax burden on working Vermonters, and for the very wealthy to pay a bit more.  Surely, you remember that Ben Cohen (He of Ben & Jerry’s) and more than fifty other wealthy Vermonters, out of the goodness of their hearts, signed a letter to Shumlin urging him to raise their taxes after their nearly 200 million dollar windfall by Obama’s extension of Bush’s immoral tax cut for the 1%.  Our Reaganite, supply-side Governor preferred not to, and cut services to the poor instead.
         So, getting back to manners and good deportment.  How would Miss Manners or Dear Abby rate legislators who make promises they know they can’t keep?  How would she characterize the behavior of the people’s representatives who compartmentalize their moral obligations, and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on good people suffering through an economic downturn of the last thirty years through no fault of their own – good people who see the rich getting richer at their expense?  How mannerly and well-behaved is a Governor and legislators who undercut the hope for a truly universal health care system, using fiscal flim-flam as an excuse?  I would hope that Miss Manners and Dear Abby would agree,such behavior is rude in the extreme, and deserving of a good finger wagging – Tsk! Tisk!
        Is it any wonder that the good folks at the Vermont Workers Center felt the need to roar their disapproval – to raucously disturb the folks in their upholstered seats pretending to listen to yet another mealy-mouthed speech from a Governor guilty of rude behavior and, what’s worse, disrespecting the people’s will.
        I’m all for respectful and mannerly behavior – let it begin with the people who have the power to change our lives for the better, but would much rather play the callous game of expediency, at the expense of their needful constituents.

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