I’m Angry with you “Good Germans”

Good Germans:  BRAIN DROPPING #142

 A friend once asked me why I seemed so angry in some of my Brain Droppings. I retorted by asking him why the hell he wasn’t angry.  This exchange came to mind when I watched Medea Benjamin and her activist Code Pink crew attempt to serve Henry Kissinger a warrant for a citizens arrest, as he was about to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee. With banners and shouted condemnations they protested his war crimes in the murder of Salvatore Allende of Chile, the illegal bombing of Cambodia and the use of Agent Orange in  Vietnam.  Tens of thousands of children are still being born deformed because of their mothers exposure to dioxin and dieldrin the two main ingredients of Agent Orange.  Can someone tell me how this is morally different from the medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners during WWII by Doctor Mengele?  Oh yes, we poisoned the population from thirty thousand feet, that is supposed to excuse our inhumane behavior!
         The Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, that shinning star of Christian compassion, Senator John McCain reacted: “Get out of here you low-life scum!”  I shudder to think that this pathetically intemperate scoundrel could have had his finger on the atomic button.
         We need more courageous folks like Code Pink and our own Vermont Workers Center to confront the liars, dissemblers and charlatans who do the bidding of their moneyed masters at the expense of hard working Americans.   The relationship between elected officials who have sold out and the 1% who buy them,  Governor Peter Shumlin comes to mind, is no exaggeration. In a Princeton University study covering the decade between 1982 and 2002, in the case of 1,800 policy initiatives, rich, well connected individuals got the legislation they wanted against the will of the majority of voters expressed in polls.  If we protest by disrupting “business as usual” in the halls of power we are called “low-life scum!”  I would say our revolutionist, founding fathers fit that description.
         What has this got to do with “Good Germans?”  That’s the term sarcastically used to describe those Germans who stood by and did nothing to oppose what was happening all around them.  They remained passive and silent as their rights and the rights of their neighbors were trampled under jack-boots.  They were too respectable to run the risk of being called “low-life scum!”

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