Low Life Scum

Brain Dropping #151

        I”m starting a new club! Anyone can join! No Color bar!  A peaceful club!  A club for rational human beings, and perhaps a hairy primate or other!  A club that does not worship “the invisible man in the sky!”- nor any other hallucinatory creature.  The club shall have no liars, no poseurs, no scallywags!
Oops! Note:  Scallywag, the dictionary informs me, can mean rascal which is why I used the term.  But it was also the term used for white Southerners who supported the Republican Party’s advocacy of integration just after the Civil War. (Yes, I’m aware of the irony.)  So scallywags WILL be welcome to join the club. Our club jackets will be pond-scum green with an accurately rendered Swamp Toad as our icon.  Our secret call could be a high-pitched “Haruuuumph” or a low, rumbling “Gurgle, Gurgle, Gurgle.”  In imitation of the Masons we could create a secret handshake.  The club name?  LOW-LIFE SCUM!
       As you probably already know, the distinguished statesman and erstwhile Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, in one of his more hateful outbursts, used that epithet when members of Code Pink attempted a citizen’s arrest of Henry Kissinger who was appearing at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Code Pink, a group of courageous women, interrupted the tedious mutual-admiration-pandering between the committee and “good old Hank”, with shouts condemning Kissinger as a war criminal – which by any standard of decency, he is!  Kissinger is already restricted from visiting certain European countries for fear of being indicted and tried for backing the coup in Chile in 1974, leading to the murder of democratically elected Marxist Salvatore Allende, and for the illegal bombing of Cambodia and a lengthy list of other crimes against humanity.
     With a withering scowl that could peel paint off the wall, Senator McCain, watching the Capitol Police escorting the women out, and fully aware that the camera was on him, brayed: “Get outta here you low-life scum!” There you have it!  So, in the spirit of making a silk purse out of a sows ear, let us proceed with the founding of the LOW-LIFE SCUM club, dedicated to helping humanity, and even Senators, crawl out of the lubricious sludge of hatefulness and wash themselves clean in the clear water of truth.

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