Brain Dropping #159  —  Hypocrisy

   Allow me to distinguish between two polar opposites – General David Patraeus as opposed to Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning.  First, a little biased background.  How does one become a General?  Answer: By always saying “YES, SIR!” followed by a snappy salute, no matter how idiotic the command.  Saying “NO SIR!” is never, ever an option even if your superior officer is a certified moron.  Having your nose firmly inserted in your commander’s asshole greatly increases your chances of advancement.  That is euphemistically called the military “pecking order.”  If you can withstand years of this kind of humiliation, schizophrenia and repression of personal integrity, you may very well end up “the ruler of the Queen’s navy!”

        So, General Petraeus, when head of the CIA, kept eight notebooks filled with highly sensitive, classified information about the identities of covert officers, intelligence capabilities – lent them to his official biographer and source of nooky, Paula Broadwell.  If ever there was a serious violation of the 1918 Espionage Act this is it – in spades!  Instead of a jail term MR. Patraeus was given probation and levied a $40,000 fine which he could pay off with just one of his speaking fees on national security issues. SAY WHAT???  In addition he keeps his lucrative post-government career as a partner in a private equity firm – providing he keeps his nose clean.
       By contrast, John Kiriakou, a 14 year CIA veteran, got 30 months in jail for exposing the perpetrator of illegal torture.  And intelligence advisor Stephen Jin-Woo Kim got 13 months in prison for disclosing a report on North Korea to a reporter.  But the “end all” and “be all” of this double tiered form of justice is the draconian 35 year sentence for Chelsea (formerly) Bradley Manning for leaking classified military documents to Wikileaks.  Obviously, the Obama Justice Department under inert Eric Holder, understood and honored the amoral pecking order of military justice. “Yes Sir!” (Followed by a snappy salute!) 
      There is a social ripple effect created by such blatant impunity for the kleptocratic, upper echelon in our society.  Whether its a corrupt General or the thieving CEO of a bank “too-big-to-fail,” the lesson being taught to the mass of Americans is abundantly clear – the higher up in the pecking order the less likely you’ll be punished for murder, theft, torture, disloyalty and an endless list of criminality.  In all honesty, you’d have to believe that the underpaid cop on the beat, say in Ferguson, Missouri, is mindful of the license he has in meting out his brand of arbitrary justice, with little fear of suffering the consequences. 

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